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After work today

I finished work, so Big came to pick me up and we drove to our place, far out and isolated, where we parked up, in broad daylight, Big drags me into the back of the car and we watch porn on his phone. He puts his hands up my skirt to my wet, welcoming pussy and shoves 2 fingers deep inside me. I moan and he pulls my legs towards him and kissing from my ankles up, he finds himself in between my legs. He inhales the sweet smell of my hot pussy and starts to lick me, his tongue moving a million times per second, over my clit, deep inside me, tasting my juices. He does this right until I’m about to cum then moves away, I take my chance and put his hard cock in my mouth and suck it while gently rubbing his balls and tickling his asshole. I lick up and down the shaft, then ram it as far down my throat as I can, all the time Big’s moaning and groaning because it just feels so good. I carry on just until he’s about to cum and then I move away. Big acts unphased and pulls his trousers up and gets out of the car. I follow him and he grabs me with such force and passion that I can’t help but let out a loud pleasurable moan, this only encourages him and now we’re kissing, him with one hand up my skirt and the other down my bra. My hands unbuttoning his jeans and slightly pulling them down. He grabs me by the throat and slams me down onto the car bonnet. He pulls my skirt up and forces his big, hard cock inside me. It feels so good. He grips onto my throat tighter and starts to pull my hair. He knows exactly what to do to me, and I keep getting wetter and wetter.

"You’re a dirty slut, Cherry. You love it when I fuck you hard in public. You love it when I lick your pussy. You love the feel of my fingers inside you. You’re just a dirty fucking slut." 

"I guess I’ve been a naughty girl and that’s why you’re doing this to me. I love the feel of you on me, inside me. I love how wet you make me and how you make me tingle, just with your touch."

"I’m gonna pull out and cum on your face. ‘Cos that’s how dirty fucking sluts like it. Then you’re gonna lick it from around your mouth and rub it into your pussy."

I couldn’t even respond, I was lost for words. The whole time, Big fucked me harder and harder. I screamed, he moaned. His breathing got heavier and heavier, his grip around me loosened and I felt him pull out of me. I turned quickly to face him as he came on my face, hot sticky cum. I licked it moreishly from around my lips and rubbed it onto my fingers. I stuck 3 fingers inside my wet pussy and rubbed my clit with my other hand. Needless to say, it didn’t take long until I was almost about to cum, and then I did. I screamed twitched as I came, feeling 100% satisfied.

Big knows exactly what I like. Nothing makes me hornier than a rough fuck in public where he cums all over me and leaves me to finish myself off.

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